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The product to be sold: Exclusive license to sell commercial advertising time to either the McDonald Corporation or the Burger King Corporation. Customer will receive a written and signed license agreement that provides exclusive rights for customer (or whomever the customer identifies as the gift receiver) to serve as the middleman, to arrange advertising agreement(s) between BiggestCrime2000THREE (TM) and either the McDonald Corporation or the Burger King Corporation. And be entitled to earn a profit, which will be the difference between what the licensee convinces either the McDonald Corporation or the Burger King Corporation to pay for the advertisement(s), and what BiggestCrime2000THREE (TM) agrees to accept.

The programming where the advertising is to appear will be a reality television competition series (RTCS) that is in pre-launch. Carefully read the content on to learn more about the RTCS.

The Exclusive License shall be in effect for 15 years from the time that it is sold. The Exclusive License shall apply to the television, cable, radio, and/or the on-line broadcast of BiggestCrime2000THREE (TM) the RTCS, or any modified versions thereof. Implementation of all advertising shall be based on a "whenever possible" model. No refunds of the Exclusive License fees paid shall be granted nor allowed.
Responsibilities Of The Sales Person:

Sale the offer described above to a buyer who will provide the exclusive license to someone else as a Christmas present. After Christmas it may be sold directly to a buyer. The price is $800. You will earn $200 in commission. Opportunity to sale similar exclusive licenses may become available.

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