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Monday, January 24, 2011

Exclusive license to sell commercial advertising time to the Clorox Company. Bid to receive a written and signed license agreement that provides exclusive rights to serve as the middleman, to arrange advertising agreement(s) between BiggestCrime2000THREE (TM) and the Clorox Company. And be entitled to earn a profit, which will be the difference between what you convince the Clorox Company to pay for the advertisement(s), and what BiggestCrime2000THREE (TM) agrees to accept.

The programming where the advertising is to appear will be a reality television competition series (RTCS) that is in pre-launch. Carefully read the content on to learn more about the RTCS.

The Exclusive License shall be in effect for 12 years from the time that it is sold to the winning bidder. The Exclusive License shall apply to the television, cable, radio, and/or the on-line broadcast of BiggestCrime2000THREE (TM) the RTCS, or any modified versions thereof. Implementation of all advertising shall be based on a "whenever possible" model. No refunds of the Exclusive License fees paid to BiggestCrime2000THREE (TM) by the winning bidder shall be granted nor allowed.

Major Clorox Company products are Clorox Bleach, Brita, Fresh Step, Glad, Pine-Sol, Burt's Bees, Green Works, Hidden Valley, Scoop Away, KC Masterpiece, S.S.O., Ever Clean, Kingford, Tilex, Formula 409, Liquid-Plmr.

Members of the Clorox Company membership team are Donald R. Knauss, Thomas P. Britanik, Daniel J. Heinrich, Lawrence S. Peiros, Beth Springer, Frank A. Tataseo, Wayne L. Delker, Benno Dorer, Ellen Liu, James Foster, Jacqueline P. Kane, Grant J. Montagne, George C. Roeth, Laura Stein.

Members of the Clorox Company Board of Directors are Donald R. Knauss, Pamela Thomas-Graham, Carolyn M. Ticknor, Jan L. Murley, Daniel Boggan Jr., Richard H. Carmona, Tully M. Friedman, George Harad, Robert W. Matschullat, Gary G. Michael, Edward A. Mueller.

DDB Worldwide, a part of Omnicon Group Inc., is the primary advertising agency that the Clorox Company uses. In addition to traditional advertising, the Clorox Company is making a push into social marketing on the Internet.

The information and facts about the Clorox Company, provided here, are meant to serve as a starting point for those who wish to engage in their own independent research. Changes regarding the facts provided here are expected to occur in the normal course of business. BiggestCrime2000THREE (TM) shall not be held accountable for any misrepresentation of facts regarding the Clorox Company.

I have much more evidence to prove my version of the "Biggest Crime In American History"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010



Robert Evans
LOCATION: United States
CATEGORY: Transmedia

Looking For 10-12 People To Host A Reality Television Competition Program

Our Story

I am the owner, president, and ceo of BiggestCrime2000THREE (TM). I have decided to hold a contest to determine who will be the hosts of a reality television competition series (RTCS) that is in pre-launch. I am turning to the public to help design and promote the contest. Further information about the RTCS can be found at the official website

The Impact

The contest must be a successful one so that the pre-launch can move into actual launch. It will generate sources of funds and interest from Hollywood and technology investors, and national advertisers.

What We Need & What You Get
The funds raised on IndieGoGo will be used to purchase a computer with software and applications, and related costs. The rest will be used to meet transportation and seminar costs, and to meet the owner's living expenses.
For $15, a link to your personal website will be posted on the official website or on the new Contest website, for one year. For $55, a link to your business-related website will be posted on the official website or on the new Contest website, for one year. For $30 you will be given access to the private collaboration website so that you can help design and market the Contest. For $300 you will will be given access to the private collaboration website so that you can help create and market computer applications related to the RTCS, for two years. No experience necessary. There is the possibility that cash bonuses will be paid to donors relative to their productivity, if significant income results from these endeavors.

Other Ways You Can Help
"Do It With Others" by asking folks to get the word out and make some noise about this campaign. Don't forget about the share tools!

Also Find This Campaign On
Twitter Website

Created By

Robert Evans

Supporters of Jobs Creation Programs are asked to encourage the unemployed and the under-employed to become RECRUITERS as described below. President Obama's supporters are also asked to encourage owners and managers of coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, barber shops, beauty shops, fitness centers, and similar retail establishments, to patrticipate as clients as described below. By doing so, the president's supporters will be helping the president to reach his goal of creating employment opportunity and generating economic growth.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BiggestCrime - The Movie - Based on a True Story

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FILL IN THE BLANKS STRATEGY GAME:............ BROWSE THIS WEBSITE TO OBTAIN CLUES AND HINTS.......... The ____ will also show why _____ _____ _____ _____ filmmakers, actors, extras, crew persons, businesses, etc., who are were _____ _____ upon _____ _____ activity in the _____ _____ _____ _____, should organize to _____ a _____-_____ ______ against the _____ _____, and some of _____ _____, _____, _____, _____, and others, including _____ _____ _____ to United States Senators and their relatives, staffmembers, lobbyists, etc.